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Sunday, 20-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
In Paris, part 2

Vending machine inside the Paris Metro.
This stand sold apples (bought two) and apple juice (1 liter)
Produce on display at the Place Monge farmers market in Paris
Obviously a regular shopper, bringing his own cart.
Goat cheese
Goat cheese
Sunday farmer's market at Place Monge in Paris
Sunday farmer's market at Place Monge in Paris
Sunday farmer's market at Place Monge in Paris
Sunday, 9 May 2004:

My second day in Paris. I awoke slightly earlier than yesterday, and set out for the Sunday farmer's market at Place Monge in the Latin Quarter (5th Arrondissement), just a couple of stops away on the Metro. Partly this was curiosity, and partly a question of food supply. There are several of these markets around Paris, according to my Gourmet Guide to Paris book, and if I were to stock my apartment's refrigerator and cupboard, this stuck me as the way to go instead of to the nearest supermarket.e in Paris.

I made a brief shopping list:

milk, 1-2 liters
creme fraiche or yoghurt (bought Fountainbleu cheese dessert instead)
olives, 200 g
peach or tangerine (got the peach)
cheese, goat (bought 2)
butter, 500 g
bread, ~500 g / batard
apple juice, 1 liter

I also picked up a whole roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, a couple of apples, and a few hundred grams of raisins.

When I got back to my apartment, I had a really good lunch as my reward.

Photo 1:
Vending machine inside the Paris Metro. They sell the chocolate-covered biscuit sticks they call "Pocky" here in Japan, redubbed a more Japanese-sounding "Mikado". Proust fans may also note the package of madeleines. I should have bought a package to remember Paris by.

Photo 2:
One of the many stands at the Sunday farmer's market at Place Monge. This stand sold apples (bought one) and apple juice (bought 1 liter).

Photo 3:
Produce on display.

Photo 4:
Cheese/dairy seller. Note the man with his son, examining the cheeses--obviously a regular shopper, since he's brought his own cart for hauling his goodies home.

Photo 5:
Goat cheese on display at one of the cheesemonger stands. Bought one round of goat cheese here.

Photo 6:
More goat cheese (chevre), not even wrapped. I don't suppose you can get any fresher than this, short of making it yourself. Naturally, I bought some, along with some packaged Fountainbleu cheese dessert.

Photo 7:
There's a charcuterie stand behind the woman, selling a wide variety of meats, sausages, and hams. If I'd had more time in Paris or more cooking skill, I'd probably have bought some, but as it were I didn't think I could finish everything I would have bought if I'd succumbed to temptation.

Photo 8:
A fair number of tourists like me were about, snapping photos and admiring the produce on display.

Photo 9:
The stand on the left, though you can't really see it, has a full-blown rotisserie with chickens on a spit. I watched them slide the hot, freshly roasted chickens right off the spit, and the temptation was too strong: I bought one of the whole chicken, along with a side of roasted potatoes.

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